Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Philip Ward admits Decapitating Girlfriend Veronica Bowen 23 years ago

A pregnant woman's body was found on a rooftop in 1989 after a horrific attack: Her head was missing.

More than two decades later, on Monday, Veronica Bowen's boyfriend was charged with murdering her out of jealousy.

Five years later he would kill another of his girlfriends in the city's suburbs.
Already imprisoned for the second slaying, Philip Ward pleaded not guilty to murdering Bowen, though prosecutors say he recently confessed to a crime in which he'd long been under suspicion.

His lawyer, Franklin Rothman, said that 45-year-old Ward was helping authorities, spurred by a desire to build a better relationship with his and Bowen's two children.

‘I killed Veronica Bowen,’ he told investigators last month at the upstate New York prison where he's serving 20 years to life for killing his subsequent girlfriend, according to prosecutors' court papers. Read More

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