Tuesday, March 13, 2012

David Joseph Pederson a White supremacist who 'went on road trip killing spree with girlfriend' admits to murdering his parents

A white supremacist accused of killing four people in a violent road trip has pleaded guilty to two of the murders, sparing him the death penalty.

David Joseph Pedersen, 31, admitted to shooting his father David 'Red' Pedersen, 56, in the head and slashing the throat of his stepmother, Leslie Mae 'DeeDee' Pedersen, 69 last September in Everett, Washington.

The guilty plea means the killer, who was arrested with his girlfriend in October, will be sentenced to life in prison on Friday, prosecutors said.

Prosecutor Mark Roe said he had not sought the death penalty as Pedersen's father had allegedly sexually abused his children and others - although he did not specify whether the killer himself was a victim.

After his arrest, Pedersen said he had killed his father because he had sexually abused his sister and cousin.

But speaking to the court, Roe added that Pedersen's stepmother was 'an incredibly lovely person who hadn't harmed anyone in her entire life'.

Pedersen and his girlfriend Holly Grigsby, 25, were arrested in California after what police believe was a two-week crime spree across three states. Read More

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