Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Darren Sutherland found hanged after losing his confidence on turning professional Boxer

Olympic bronze medallist boxer Darren Sutherland was found hanged after losing confidence in his ability following becoming a professional fighter, an inquest heard today.

The 27-year-old Irish sportsman had confided in his father Tony he was worried about losing his home if he didn’t fulfill his contractual obligations with his manager Frank Maloney.

A note from a friend was found in the boxer’s flat, two days after his death, which warned Darren about Maloney’s reaction if he quit the sport.

The note, found by Darren’s dad Tony, was written by Darren’s friend and adviser Declan Brennan who he had met while studying at Dublin City University.

The note said: 'Seventy five grand plus VAT to Frank. Give the car back, give the flat back. Frank will destroy you and your family. In the media he will keep doing articles saying how you’ve ended up digging holes on building sites and he will be right because you were given a God given talent to be a world champion.

'You think it is bad now, you will see how bad it can get.

Your pal Declan.' Read More

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